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  • [img][/img] Whooo hoooo I figured it out!!!
  • Kim for some reason it won't let me add my photo. I have tried several times :(
  • Hi my name is Kelsey Stuart. My fiance and I meet through a mutal friend and have been inseprable since the day we met. He proposed at a vineyard where we took one of our first motorcycle rides. We are currently trying to plan our wedding for July 28, 2012 but are having trouble due to money. My parents are trying to help us as much as they can but due to my mother having brain cancer and all her medical bills they are very short on money. I have always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding with all my friends and family there. We really just want to try an make our wedding beautiful for my mom. It has been my mom's dream to see me get married and we are trying so hard to make that come true. I believe my fiance and I deserve to win this wedding becuase we are two of the most selfless people. We never ask for anything. We truly want this wedding for my mother so she can see us get married before something happens. I can't imagin getting married with out her there!! Thank you Kim and you are a huge role model to me!