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  • It might not be a bad idea... the book is a porn in itself, so why not use a porn star for the role?? I don't think someone like Channing Tatum, Zac Efrom, Rob Pattenson, or any other leading actor at the moment would want to be coined for this type of character, nor do I think their audience view them in this way... so why not use someone who already has career playing this role?? James Deen has been in over 2,000 adult films... and now, he's also set to be staring along side with Lindsey Lohan in a 2013 film, The Canyons, so he is clearly transitioning and expanding his roles outside of the porn world, I think he would actually be pretty for the movie. I don't think an A list actor to play the role because of the popularity of the book series.... women will be lined up out the door regardless of who plays the role of Christian Grey. Those who aren't thrilled with the idea of a porn star will get over and still see the movie... and those who don't won't have a large enough impact of box office sales to matter. This movie will make a killing regardless.