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  • Such a sad story. I think Bobby Brown was probably the WORST thing that ever happened to Whitney Houston. If they had never met, married, etc., she'd probably still be alive and singing at the top of her career today. Yes, she made the choice to do drugs, WE ASSUME, but we don't know for sure. We don't know that he didn't do some smooth-talking rap on her about accepting his drug use and trying it herself. Plus, not everyone gets addicted to the drugs they use - unfortunately she had the genetic makeup that once those genes were triggered, it was a done deal. Regardless, at least he has the decency to be there for his daughter - now that she's grown. I have no respect for the man; none at all.
  • OMG! You could go BOWLING with those things! UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. Talking about the OBVIOUSLY FAKE, PLASTIC, SILICONE, ROCK-HARD boobs. YUK! It's so sad that a beautiful gal like that would feel that she had to mutilate her body - for what? So she can look like a plastic Barbie Doll and a slut on every magazine in the world? I'm wondering why she thinks so little of herself as a human being that she has to SELL herself like this. Does she think all she's good for is sex? That's the impression she's giving to millions of people. Get thee to a psychologist, woman, and figure out why you think the only thing you have going for you is that men want you for a one-night stand. What does that say about your self-worth? Not much, honey. Very sad.