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  • Everytime there is a VMA topic about iconic performances, it was always fact that Britney's Slave 4 U performance is the most remembered. Britney's VMA performances have always ranked high in music polls basically because not only was it musically remembered but it was a huge part in pop culture which is why her generation which passed on her legacy to the younger generation know about her iconic performances. Like most say the VMAs is all about Britney, whether she be there or not.
  • Britney debut following her second release became one of THE MOST phenomenal peaks and moments of any pop star in the world even with Bey and Gaga combined. Those who would say no obviously was born in 5 years later. Britney massively covered not only the music industry, but in movies, tv commercials, signed contracts for huge companies, had a doll line which basically is sold out to this day, a fragrance empire, a Hollywood walk of Fame, youngest and first musician ever to be Forbes Most Powerful, and more.. Britney had the world in her hands in a short amount of time since releasing her debut album. Her peak and success was incomparable.