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  • NOOOOOOOOOO why bring down a good book into a bad movie? I don't think there will be a box office pull for a PORN star! No one knows him except for the porn audience. I think a hollywood star should play him like Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum. The guy HAS to be gorgeous and sexy. Shamar Moore and Eddie Cibrion also great choices! Come on - to the author, don't disappoint us! Given the popularity of the book, if you want a popular movie, use a name EVERYONE knows and loves. Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite pick for this part! No one would say no to Bradley Cooper I imagine or Zac Efron, Robert Pattenson, Ashton Kutcher. There is SO much eye candy to choose from. If the ladies loved the character in the book because of his sexy looks, you HAVE to match that to the screen adaptation!!!!!! Don't screw this one up! FORGET THE PORN actors. Choose A REAL actor!!!!
  • I love Jenny - and I LOVE that she gets in the bikini after having children - GOOD FOR YOU Jenny!!! You are beautiful!