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  • I cant wait to see Little Ashes. It would be madness if it isnt released in the US. The festival reviews are brilliant. I wish the producers would relase the trailer. Thy should bee capitalising on Rob's new fanbase. There is a window of opportunity and they mustnt blow it.
  • Love the new banner for Rob on here. We do notice these things. Thanks. Now please change the icon image you use of him. There's lots of better ones. Where's the prom photo from Twilight. Its so beautiful. VMAN have some great new images of Rob with fangs. You really should get hold of them.
  • I should say the twilight fans will have a heart attack when they learn Rob has a nude scene in Little Ashes. There's also a gay sex scene and even Rob masturbating. Plus lots of man on man kissing. Cant wait to see it. Tak about tearing up a film image as soon as its created. I love how Rob wants to continually test himself as an actor.
  • I agree he reminds me of Depp s much when Depp was young. That quirky dangerous feel to him. His versatility - he can play comed and drama perfecty. Someone just wrote a report on the world premier of Rob's new film Little Ashes and she says some wonderful things about the production e.g The passion between Robert Pattinson playing Dali and Javier Beltran as Lorca is wonderful, when they are happy you can't help but smile with them and when they are tense you will be gripping the armrests of your chair.
  • Rob has been chosen by the Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee as the recipient of this year’s New Hollywood Award. He, along with other honorees and winners, will receive their awards during the gala ceremony on October 27, 2008.
  • Rob's track is on the new Twilight album.
  • Rob's adorable and lovely to his fans. He has a sweet personality. Personally I;d rather he focus 100% on acting as I think he;s incredibly talented and dont want him to take the pressure off his acting career but if he enjoys performing as a mini hobby then hell yeah why not.
  • The trailer for Little Ashes shoudl be released around mid October. Rob's next project is likely to be Parts Per Billion.