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  • em elisilla, they arent following him particularly, they were just there hoping to get any of the Twilight casts autographs or pics!! its just pure luck that it happenend to be Robert!! and i know if i lived in Vancouver, had the rite clothing and was allowed to stay there as long as it took, then id be there like a shot!!lol. id like to just show them my support and if i was there and saw Robert id say that New Moon was my favourite book out of the series and that i know that theyll do an excellent job with it!! hes gorgeous like seriously!! and him saying that to the fans shows that he is beautiful in the inside and not just in the outside!! i love this guy hes so down to earth!! i think that the Twilight cast are the most genuine people in the acting buisness ever!! i cant say a bad thing about one of them!!!
  • OMG yous are all so friggin mean!! i heard Sage and she was alright!! im not into her music but those who like the genre would like it!! and whats wrong with Nikki Reed?? she is so down to earth and nice!! the whole cast are dead on!! they all are so honest and down to earth and i think that this normality is what brought them all together cuz there wasnt one of them who was stuck up and felt they were better than the rest of them!!!! jealousy is all i can say!!
  • first when i read that i was like NO!! just cuz i want to think of Robert as someone whos innocent, but then i thot, who cares?so what? its none of my buisness and i have no right to judge! i think its a rumour because there is no evidence that he was there!! but if it was true, then hes a typical 22 year old guy!! lol. nothing wrong with that!! oh and to Liv, how can you say that about someone youve never met? you dont know him and so dont have the right to jugde him!!