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  • This isn't even twerking. It's a part of it but there's definitely more to it. I really don't want to make this a racial thing but I can't stand how "white Hollywood" has made twerking seem like it was invented by Miley Cyrus and every girl who even moves their butt around is "twerking"...
  • I can't stand her already and the VMA's just made her even more annoying. She needs to get her shit together and get over it! She seemed so bitter and stupid still mad over petty shit
  • Honestly people, it doesn't matter that this is Kim Kardashian. It could be Kim, Angelina Jolie, or just your neighbor next door but NO ONE should have 5784676836864 grown/old ass creepy men literally stalking and chasing them around, no matter who it is. Not only is that such an annoying and frustrating way to live but hello, SHE"S PREGNANT!! They have threatened her and her baby's life and that is NOT OK! I mean they literally boxed her in her own car, it's just not ok. It really doesn't matter who it is, this a a very pregnant woman just trying to live her life and she should be able to without feeling scared or threatened. She may have made mistakes in the past and yeah her family may be infamous but still, it's unacceptable. I do feel bad for her and for anybody that has to deal with that sort of thing. She already has enough to deal with being a new mom and all. I just think people need to be a little more understanding.