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  • Are you serious Matt Russoniello? Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married at the time and they kissed. So what? That's what couples do. It's normal. It's not normal to do so in front of millions of people at the MTV VMA's so you're right in saying that it's awkward in that way but not everyone is as famous as Michael and Lisa. Look at what the Kardashians do to get attention these days. It's worse. Michael and Lisa's marriage wasn't a sham. They've both said over the years that it wasn't. I notice you forgot to mention Lisa's interview with Oprah in 2010 where she revealed that after their divorce things weren't really over between Michael and Lisa. They were on and off for 3 years afterward. Lisa didn't want to do that kiss but not because she didn't love Michael. She just didn't want to do that in front of everyone so she was nervous but she understood that with Michael's kind of fame sometimes these things were required.