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  • Pictures of Kim in her sheer black blouse are so unflattering, especially the trousers. She is too short to get away with that look, apart from the fact that she just looks cheap.
  • And to think this is not her first divorce. Lets not forget that she was married before to someone before Kris, and that didn't work either. She must be up on how to get a quick divorce, a slow divorce, an annulment even. But using a kid to another guy is really stooping low, even for a Kardashian. Agree with what you say about the mom and her not doing anything unless all been planned.
  • How bout you stop your hating on Kris, if you want others to stop hating on her! She wants a 'new full life away from Kris', and a judge to support her. Well, I think she has got one, - I doubt that Kris was there when that kid was conceived! She doesn't do anything without talking it over with mommy, so I would say this pregnancy was no 'accident', even if Kanye had no idea about it, Kris Jenner sure would have.