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  • white bitches will iject u with h1n1 vaccine to kill u lol they so freaky.... we love taylor
  • and ktristen u are so beautiful.... why on earth u rushing marriage??? i hope robert is a good person and not like kevin federline,,,, to eat away your beauty and talent.... he looks so dumb to be with u,, go for prince harry or somebody lke that na!! doh stoooop ! dont embarass us as girls plezzzzzz
  • this dumb bitch kristen that is such a huge turnoff to your fans and your man too.... he should leave your ass,,, why fame does make u guys loose ur mind? folow taylor swift a little ... may be u will not look like a man unless robert gay and he want u as a man
  • dear taylor............... i wish one day to know how that feels to be a part of music one day and recieve an award one day too, i dont live in america,, but i hope to travel to nashville one day and give a big try at it , the sad thing is am not american,, i hope they would not descrimminate me.u lucky your parents took u there cause mine passed away,,, i vow am telling the truth.... be thankfull to your parents and love them now thats my advice... i love to sing am a singer in my country already, but i heard its difficult to get through in america... but am gonna try, i promise myself. my life is filled with hurt and music is my comfort my happiness and its like food too me, am sad till i go on stage at home.if u wanna advise me send email to i pray that u see this note,,, its one life to live please reach out to me.i dont intend to be a sad story here,,, love your music ,, be strong ignore the obstacles