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  • I think Khloe looks more natural and less harsh with the brown hair compared to having black hair. Her features are not dark and exotic like her sisters, therefore, this color on her hair looks absolutely perfect ! She is a natural beauty and isn't a midget, therefore it will be good when she realizes that she is perfect just the way she is. I wish she and Lamar much luck with their friendship first and foremost, with that intact, they can withstand the nasty media and the haters.
  • She was a child star who grew up and out of being a celebrity .... that must be difficult for many to no longer be famous but then hey, i'll bet plenty people move on and don't have a problem with it too..... she looks great in this photo ! It takes hard work to keep a fit bod !
  • Great looking trio & How very nice to see Michelle wear an outfit with sleeves attached