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  • she just trips me out because she still looks like she's 14. maybe 16 with makeup and the right outfit.
  • Gossip girl is too catty and ridiculous, but for some reason I have to keep watching. Skins, I watched about 10 minutes of and changed the channel. I don't think the UK version is particularly great and the US version is absolutely terrible.
  • Why do companies jump to put their advertisements during shows that they know nothing about? I'm guessing they get the word out during the first episode, and then pull the ad to look good to conservative parents. Regardless, I watched the first half of the episode and it was terrible. It's an exaggerated copy of the original, minus the boobs and foul language. The original isn't even THAT good or realistic, and the MTV one is even less so. Of course, that probably means it will skyrocket into popularity as did crap such as Jersey Shore and Twilight.
  • same stuff she was doing when she was 15. i was hoping that for God's sake her sound may have matured some. she's just a tool in the industry.
  • haha regardless of how embarrassing it was, what he said would totally make it worth it for me. lol he laughed it off, and she got to touch all over him, so she still won in the end.
  • lol these girls look like they may be kinda artsy and cool, while vanessa looks like a ditzy skank. she's the girl a guy would f*ck after a party, but wouldn't actually date. it's sad that she's just another girl who thinks that this is how to get noticed.
  • I'm honestly surprised that she actually has a decent singing voice. But I suppose she wouldn't be as well known and rich if she hadn't sold out to top 40, pop music...
  • I love her hair, but not the dress; it looks like something a much older woman might wear. Perhaps it is the color.
  • Wow, they really stepped it up. Pink actually looks like a beautiful lady.
  • Forget a conservatorship over her finances, someone should be overseeing her wardrobe choices. Seriously, Britney, WTF?! To the Grammy's? Really?