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  • Scott so sexy! Love him, Kourtney marry the poor guy! Trust me no one is perfect, including me...once they leave even if u do or don't want them to go...I don't wish that on my worst enemy!
  • ok ? kim yes is gorgeous and so is khloe, who is my fav kardashian...look at them side by side, khloe is so much tinier them kim and she gets picked on, how? why? they r all beautiful, they r rich and famous so why do people get into trashing celebs...haters have enough time ruining peoples lives around them trust me I know these kind of sorry ass people! live your own lives no one gets away w/o their own sorrows! the kardashians r fun to watch and gives you a little hope to live your own fact whoopie started her career as a hairdresser on a movie set and they thought she was the actress so they hired to act<3