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  • Come on. He's like 16. He's saying that crap because his mommy and handlers told him too. Every teenage girl in the country is trying to give him a piece. Let me say again, he's a teenage boy! This is a load of crap. He was probably getting blown by groupies in the dressing room right before this interview. People believe any crap that comes out of celebs' mouths these days.
  • This girl is a hot mess.
  • Oh, they have to be dating. No straight man gets his nails done with his "bestie." C'mon now.
  • These girls are so cute. Almost makes me want to be a 17 year old girl again. Almost. lol
  • [quote=kelly0eminemfan]hilarious how serious all you idiots take this so the baby is an ugly souless ginger is it a crime to point that out?[/quote] He also said someone should "put it out of it's misery." This is a human being, an INFANT, and you all are pointing and laughing and referring to someone's baby as if he were less than an animal. There is something wrong with that, you vapid lemming. I thought gossiping about adults is what people come here for. Not to pick on innocent children. I don't know when it became "cool" or "trendy" to act like pretentious douchebags on the internet, but I guess I missed the memo. Anyone who said that about someone's child in the real world would get a well deserved punch in the face. Smh. If it makes you feel important on the internet to "point out" that a child is ugly and should die, you should kill yourself immediately. Furthermore, if you agree with such buffoonery, you should use the gun next. Also, you should probably attempt to form proper sentences before you start throwing around the word "idiot." I barely deciphered all that nonsense.