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  • [quote=pohhijo]Seriously Kelly! Robert is only a stupid tween sensation. Whereas Mr.Pacino did many iconic films and actually acted![/quote] sigh. so tired of the stereotypes. Rob has just as many fans over 21 than he does teens. People like you and the media just love to cut him down and it's easier to do that if he's just a tween phenomena. He is not. Directors like David Cronenberg wouldn't be booking him if he wasn't a good actor. That said I met PAcino and Rob is NOTHING like him, lol.Pacino is short, Italian and WAY more intense than Rob. Nice try though!
  • it's Kristen's camp that's calling for the distancing, if you will, because of Rob's idiotic, cliched Details magazine photoshoot that will be released at the end of the month. (He reportedly wasn't comfortable with it, for what its worth). It will make his Vogue shoot with Emilie de Raven look rated G. It's reportedly raunchy, with him posing with naked models in sexually suggestive positions. It is clear Rob's team is pushing the sex symbol image whereas Kristen has more class than that. Great timing, right around the BAFTAs and The Yellow Handkerchief premieres. Mark my words, this shoot and the tabloid fodder will threaten to overshadow her movie premiers, which is a shame. But they are together, in love, and no mandate from a Summit suit (assuming this is all true) will change that.
  • Hugh Laurie was robbed, once again.
  • what's with the attitude, Celebutt? She's not blunt, she's just being honest! And she's not the only one who's had problems with kids in school-remember Christina Aguilera? She went home to go to the prom and the girls essentially spat in her face? Let's face-if you're the slightest bit different high school is torture. I hope she's laughing all the way to the bank now and the girls who make her life miserable are eating crow. Kristen is an amazing person and I wish her nothing but the best (Rob exhibit A!).
  • I think it's a brilliant idea. She should try to squeeze in at least a guest or extended guest appearance in between Twlight Saga movies, probably between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn at this point. She should line it up now. It'll give her even more exposure and it would be great to see her on TV for a change.
  • classic! Leno never would have done this. Conan is a good sport, even if he was a bit uncomfortable at the end.
  • Agreed. Let's see what he does with this life now. He has to move back to Virginia soon to perform his community service, which should take awhile. If he gets counseling and exorcises his demons hopefully he'll be a better person and can make a bigger difference in life than he would have otherwise. I like his voice and think he sounds good here, though not crazy about the song. But it's pretty impressive they slapped this together in less than a day!
  • i hate the media when they do this. I agree with Sara, this is NOT about Rob....Stephen has a great sense of humor and he's just being facetious about the CHARACTER of Edward compared to his character. He's not an idiot!!!
  • is it me or does she seem butch here? She's all slouched in her chair and looking like a slob in her t-shirt next to the guys in their suits. I love her, don't get me wrong. Just an observation.
  • perfect. this guy's never going to want to film here again. what's worse, crumbling building or psychotic fans? hmmm.. tough one. well if I bump into him at the Bowery next week I'll try to talk him down, lol