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  • I'm sure he can't even fart lately without the papparazzi being around.. I could only imagine what he goes through. I'm sure it was exciting at first, but its time to let him live his life without Papparazzi's in his face ALL the time. Don't let them get you down. Be STRONG..!
  • She is BEAUTUFUL.. Don't smoke weed before you go to premiere's Shame on you..
  • Your a beautiful young lady.. You would make a great model too...
  • That sounds like a dumb ass person who judges people without meeting them.. So Christina.. How do you know he is like the other actors???? I thought so... DUMB ASS.. Oh, don't be a hater.
  • Well let me tell all of you something... Weed is not cool... But I have no problem with somebody smoking some BUD as long as they do it at home. It's better than him getting into all the other crap out there.. I just pray that he is smarter than that... Don't let yourself get that lost. Go back to music.. its in your heart. OH! and by the way, if he does then that's his life
  • [quote=brodie28]First, we as fans need to leave him the hell alone at the airport. Don't you think that there's gonna be enough of paparazzi there to piss him off? He does not need some stupid ass crazy fan there to make it worse. We as fans are going to drive him away from acting if we keep this up. Let the man be and enjoy his work.[/quote] I agree with you Brodie28... We are going to having him running, but I just hope that he don't run to deep into drugs like alot of stars that don't get to have a life because of the Paparazzi and fans.. I know the Paparazzi have to make a living but he can't even walk through an airport or sidewalk without having them in his face. I feel sorry for alot of actors.. No Life.. I couldn't do it.. What good is the money if you can't do anything with it..
  • Jessica... you are a very kind person.. because I feel so bad for him having to deal with all of this.. He can't even walk around without them taking pictures of him every step of the way.. I would have to be honest.. I wish I could meet him.. He's adorable and I would like to meet him as a person... I would really like to be able to see him sing.. I enjoy his music and hope he continues to create more.. One thing I would like to tell him is to stay in control of his life and don't let it spiral out of control.