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  • I think Taran Killam is extremely funny, talented and great with characters. HIs style reminds me of Will Ferrell. Love Jay and Sasheer of course, although, they need more funny things to do. Not a critic, just voicing my opinion until I find employment. :c)
  • What I HATE about Ms Cyrus is the fact that she wore a gorgeous "nude" flowing creation in front of a Bentley or Rolls Royce or whatever it is and I couldn't fit one boob and half my belly into that gown in front of the subway!
  • “Seriously, Kanye? What’s wrong now, what...you hate the color? Checking for bunions? Making sure I have all five toes, What?” “Wait Kim, I swear your toes inspired my next single! (sings) ‘Roses are Red, my lady’s toes are too. I got a baby on the way and the name won’t be BLUE!’”