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  • Dearest Celebuzz, We meet again. What's that you say? You don't remember me? Let's refresh. I was one of the runners-up (cringe with me now at the thought of running) during last year's Oscar's contest. Do get back to your latte if that disqualifies me; there's nothing worse than cold foam. Should I still be bff-worthy, you can bet your hair hat that you won't be disappointed with my coverage this time around. Let's face it: I'm cute (even more so now that I'm sporting a sexy baby bump), I'm witty (apparently pregnancy brain only affects dates and times) and I could use the extra cash to buy all things fuzzy, trendy and organic for my babe-to-be's new nursery. I feel much better now; don't you? Yours truly, Lady Google
  • I just...don't get it.
  • be continued.
  • Blake does NOT really look like she wants to be taking this photo...but of course Leighton is strangely into it. Not surprised.
  • Or is that half a sandwich that she's chewing? (Oh wait, is that just her face?)
  • God, will someone please put a blindfold on ME already???!!! I can't tell which is worse, the spiral boobies, the double-butt coming out of her leotard or...Jessica. Quick, help me decide!
  • Ummm, but where are her arms. Really. What exactly are they doing back there? I think, in a rare moment of the universe playing a cruel trick on me, I'm actually more befuddled than Pam right now.
  • Ew, those jeans are tight in all the wrong places. Right?
  • I can't believe she's still with ****ing Jay. I agree, total douchebag. BLECH.
  • No woman should be with a man who beats her. That's all there is to be said. Love means not beating your woman.