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  • Oh yeah like an ex Playmate girlfriend of that old raunch Hugh Hefner! She's creepy and needs to give up the sex crap she has a nice husband son and a good life,Quit trying to stay in the Sex world you've "Been There Done That".Frankly you ain't all that no mo.
  • Well it is almost APRILFOOLS Day! Why on Earth would these two harpies go to the Hamptons of all places to open another "store" of SEARS rejects? This has to be a joke. Kim has moved on and taken her coat tails with her so you women are on your own and out of luck.the Dashion legend has ended there is no Part 2.
  • That is the unhappiest looking bride to be ever seen. It's sure not the Kim K. Of yore. Has too much Botox frozen her face? She looks down all the time with dull dead eyes. Something's not right.
  • Adda- do you believe people actually set out to find a partner of another race rather than it just happens after people meet each other in a casual atmosphere like at work or a big gathering and realize that they are attracted to one another? Curious
  • She needs money? Write a tell ALL book. It would be good reading to hear how all the celebrity boys cut the muster. If you know what I mean..
  • Good grief if your in love with someone it doesn't matter where U marry! What's wrong with these materialistic show offs? Nobody's going to remember their wedding anyway.She wants to get PG before the Wedding? She's a new kind of Fool. How selfish of her to stamp her baby with the name of bastard just to appease her half witted fantasy's.I knew she was an idiot when she decided to marry that smart Alec loser that she will regret some day.
  • Oh Selena don't go the sex way,you have an adorable face and should be seen as America's sweetheart. Use taste and always respect your reputation. Not every body needs to act/look like a centerfold
  • Isn't she to "long in tooth" to expose her older bits to the World?
  • Oh really Billy? WE need to listen to her talent not look at her nudity"?!! well tell her to sing a song in front of a mic fully dressed.It's not the public that needs to do anything,it's the artist job to make sure we DO listen to the talent and your slutty daughter distacted us from doing so.BTW, she sure has those moves down pat for only 20yrs old.Is that Gawd given trait too? nasty