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  • Malu, you're obsessed with this and it's pathetic. You made these same comments on multiple articles about this photoshoot, why so fixated on something you find disgusting, maybe because you like it? You're just another coward behind the screen, who the hell are you to tell people how to live their lives. "Just like the playboy bunnies"? Apparently you're blind because playboy bunnies actually pose nude and reveal it all, while Celine has everything covered. You're also incredibly clueless because Celine has worn far more revealing clothing even early on in her career when she first debuted in the English market. You have no right to judge how another woman dresses. No one gives a crap that you think it's immoral. Your "morals" belong in the 19th century. It's obvious you have a lack of education and were probably raised by ignorant uneducated parents as well :)