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  • So many comments dogging her on getting implants. Is there such a big deal? Soooo what? As I am reading, she had a medical/cosmetic reason for doing it. Who are all of you to sit in judjment? Holier than thou. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And if you are not, then you should be categorized as sociopaths. Pitiful
  • why throw the word 'Bitch in with all the "skinnnys"? U know her personally to make that judgement? Ease up dude!
  • You are really are a horses ass. I may not be her favorite fan, but you sunk lower than a gutter snipe
  • What a bunch of junk comments left here. Wondering the combined IQ of the people who are posting the most ridiculous, irrelevant comments about the people in these picures. Kindergarten quote: "If you don't have something kind to say, then don't say it at all" Not a hard credecene to follow!
  • Gross, tasteless comment. Almost threw up in my mouth. Dude - respect
  • She has such low body fat, that's what happends. She should try to attempt to increase her body fat - even if it's a slow processs. That would help increase her bust sise and overall padding