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  • Like they said here: Demi broke it off with Joe. Even though it's hard, she broke it off. So it's not like he broke her heart. She broke his. And if he's happy with a new girl, can't he invite her to things? i mean it's life. I don't like seeing my ex with a new woman, but it happens. And i see them around a lot.
  • [quote=Gabby]Seriously. Not one awkward stage. Not fair. She went from adorable to cute to beautiful to drop dead gorgeous.[/quote] totally agree! lol not fair at all!!! She's sooo beautiful. And she can pull off the pixie look VERY well! :)
  • ok.... so she has all these tats??? i was expecting to see more than 3... lol she's almost 18... so 3 is perfectly fine.... and they're little and mean something... so back off! :)
  • lol this does look like a pen. but hey! it's cute... i like it.... and it's cool that the whole family has one. must mean something for them. :)
  • [quote=jl]It's a tattoo ;)Her whole family has a heart on their hand, except noah and brason (yet),I think all of her tattoos are beautiful, just because they are personal! They mean something, and I think that's really important.[/quote] Totally agree with you
  • At least her tats mean something. When they have true meaning, i dont see it as "just a tattoo". i see it as art. and sometimes, this art can help us through life. I have one that means courage (its in japanese - kanji). and i always look at it and know i have the courage to do something. and i do it. its a little boost to help you through tough things when nobody's around to help you.
  • @gigi merlos:: If you read the story, you'll see it's for filming on a new movie..... no it is not real. lol no worries! she is still as beautiful as she was! haha :)
  • [quote=Macey]HALLELUJAH! some one that gets it.I totally agree with you![/quote] Someone that gets what? That he moves on? When someone breaks up with you, they're most likely done.... they dont want to be with you and are most likely moved on. So what you're saying is that when a break up happens we should mope around for a few years before even thinking about dating? and it would be terrible to have your girlfriend come support you while your on tour. Maybe he just is focused on him and his girlfriend (even if he gets a new one every week) and wants to live life? I get it, how terrible of a person he is.... *rolling eyes* you guys are a little nuts....
  • wow.... amazing what some 11 year olds will say.... she's in rehab because of HER problems! you can't blame anybody but HER! You guys need to grow up and realize that maybe her head isn't on perfectly straight. She is human too... just like you and me. She's definitely not 100% perfect! so let her do her thing and get over it. and STOP blaming Joe Jonas and Ashely Greene. Really.... they're adults... i dont think they play the whole "haha lets be mean" card.