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  • All babies are cute especially when exploring their surroundings and learning to use the tools God gave them to use. No, he hasn't grown into his head yet but there is a lot of you on here that has brains that haven't caught up with their body either. At least his is oversize for his age right now.
  • There is a handful of these babies that have to be the worst pics ever taken. I don't believe in ugly people so that has to be the only explanation
  • Why are you enamored with her boobs? Another chat perhaps?
  • Everyone is so judgemental here. first the girl is sitting in a pool with her kids! I really don't think she is caring whether or not she looks like a young, hip, fresh mom on the block. Second, what the hell do you look like to be so judgemental?
  • totally uncalled for and I don't care how old you or she is.
  • If that is true than you may wish to reevaluate your comment because all your doing is proving yourself a bitch and I doubt that's what you had in mind.
  • I don't know what who I wish to burn the other the most. They both deserve it at different times. I hope they burn each other fast and get the hell over it already. There is to much to deal with, without having to deal with the idiots debate going on there.