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  • Ok. A LITTLE update for Celebuzz, the RUMOURS haven't even STARTED on July the 19! People and UsWeekly magazine CLAIM that the RUMOURS started on July the 25! By the way, doesn't ANYONE find it a bit STRANGE that Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart had an "affair" after TWO months and TEN days? If I haven't seen a friend in that time and he's married with kids and I have a boyfriend, I would NOT have an affair with him! And I do NOT believe Kristen would EITHER! >:(
  • Don't paparazzi mainly ask them questions when there is a rumour going around? Because, if that's the case, they'd probably be screaming at Kristen (mainly): "KRISTEN! KRISTEN! IS IT TRUE THAT YOU'RE CHEATING ON ROB WITH YOUR SWATH DIRECTOR?" I think that if that ACTUALLY happened, Rob would definitely be interested in that fact and we'd have pictures where Rob is looking shocked and confused. Maybe even angry and walking away from Kristen. My belief is that it is ALL a rumour. Because, if it wasn't, don't you think that the pictures would have come out on the SAME DAY? If I was an HONEST paparazzi and my job was to tell the TRUTH and I found out that a celebrity who was in a relationship was cheating on their partner with another person, I would snap the photos and send them IMMEDIATELY to get them published ON THAT SAME DAY! Wouldn't you?
  • You're talking NONSENSE!!!! NEITHER Kristen OR Rob cheated on each other and we're gonna prove it! >:(
  • Yeah! Exactly! Also, she doesn't seem to be smiling and even if she was, it would be of something ELSE!! So just leave her ALONE!!!
  • What about them? Oh, wait. I know. PHOTOSHOPPED!! ALL of them!!! You know, I'm betting that this is all FAKE (like always) and that Rob and Kristen are STILL together!!!