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  • Dress #1 would have been the best, not only being the most beautiful of the 3 in my opinion, but also bringing out her eye and skin color. The other two would have washed her right out.
  • My cousin Matthew became mysteriously ill at the end of this past summer. Things just kept getting worse and worse over the next few months. In January 2013, Matthew wound up in the hospital in critical condition. His liver had shut down and he had developed a really bad case of jaundice. Doctors suggested putting him on the transplant list because there was nothing else they could do to help save him. A few days after, there was a liver available but doctors couldn't give it to Matthew because of his kidney and also his intestines shutting down. There ended up being no chance of survival for Matthew. On Sunday January 20th, 2013, Matthew passed away, leaving his wife and 2 children, a daughter who is in 7th grade, and a son who is in 1st grade, behind. Today we still don't know the cause of Matthew's death. I have known the Kardashian and Jenner family for 3 years now, and they were there with me praying for Matthew just days before he passed. I honestly couldn't think of a better support system!!! They were there for me spiritually through Matthew's final days and I love them more then words could ever express!!! Each of them means the world to me and they are the best family ever!!!! I know that if Matthew was here today, he would be very thankful for every bit of support he was given.
  • I cried reading this article. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Avalanna. What a sweet girl she was!! A lot of people make fun of Justin for his music and seeming like a girl sometimes but I really have a tremendous amount of respect for the great young man he is. He truly has a wonderful heart for those that don't get a lot of opportunities in life. Avalanna's smile (pictured above) reassures us all here on earth that she is safe and pain-free in the arms of her heavenly father. My thoughts and prayers go out to Avalanna's family, Jessica Beil, along with other celebrities not mentioned by name here but are grieving Avalanna's loss. But above all, Avalanna's best friend, Justin Bieber. :-)