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  • Who gives a shit, i don't agree with what she did but it hasn't scarred me for life or anything! Besides if the people who thought it was really that bad you didn't actually have to watch it you know! You actually can turn the television off you know and she really didn't hurt anyone, I mean I am not defending her actions or anything like that but the younger kids that are watching aren't necessarily going to copy her and yeah I think people should just grow a back bone and move on, I mean I am an 18 year old girl and when I was little I watched things like the Rocky Horror Picture show and I didn't even understand most of it cause I was too young and I am a perfectly normal teenager at university and study hard. Anyway my point is people need to stop caring so much about people in the media and the lives of people who we don't actually know and these things that don't even really effect our daily lives! Seriously she isn't the first and won't be the last to do this sort of thing!