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  • I LOVE snooki because she is my queen, rolemodel, idol and inspiration! she's not afraid to be herself and stick up for herself! she's completely turned her life around and has lived the best of both worlds, the party life and the family life. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets but she deserves endless love which is what I will continue to give her and the rest of her fans will too! snooki has also taught me to be myself and not care what anyone thinks and has made me feel comfortable in my body and height, cause I'm the same height as her! I'm such a huge fan from Scotland in the UK so I don't get to buy her products cause the shipping is so expensive and I just can't afford it, it's devastating, she's such an amazing businesswoman and she's made so much of her life and I'm so proud of her and I just love her so much!! xoxox