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  • I love all of the songs on Take Me Home, but Truly, Madly, Deeply sticks out to me because it's so sweet! It's kind of a hidden song since it's so late in the tracks, but the lyrics are just so cute. But if a guy were to sing any of that to me I'd marry him right then and there haha. I think it shows a little more of the boys' sensitive side and how they are in their relationships and I love how human it is. I love listening to all of the songs especially when I'm driving, but I tend to keep that song on repeat for a couple of rounds :)
  • You're making me choose??? I love them all so, so much, but if I had to choose one BTV, it would be James! He seems too sweet and I would love nothing more than just a couple of minutes to talk to him! It would make this single girl's valentines day one to remember!!! :)