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  • Not everything in The world Revolves around Boobs --_--" , ashley her boobs suit perfect with her body it looks natural simply perfect
  • Ashley <<333 Simple to perfect !!
  • o god what can i say this all is soo soo rude , every woman is beautiful on her own way overweight or not .. thats no reason to judge someone , that kesha here pick the wrong swimwear doesnt mean everyone have to judge her like this .. everyone have a miss match sometimes isnt ..?? kesha looks fat beside the most of the girls out hollywood cuz they all soo tin its unreal .. i mean everyone have a opinion but if you have a lil respect you dont judge someone everyone knows kesha as that "sexy girl" out the music videos but no one knows the story behind that no one knows how kesha her life was and what her problemes were may she struggled already her hole life with overweight .., i said it once and i say it again everyone is free to have a own opnion and to think what he/she want to think but i think kesha isnt fat at all that she dont have a model body or the body from miley cyrus doesnt mean you can judge her you have to look her talents everyone have a weak side right ..?? and we all hate it to be judged on that soo think before you said something or judge -x-