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  • I completely agree with what Jodie said. In this day and age of technology and mass communication - being in the spotlight can make or break anyone. I feel for Kristen, I really do and the people's reactions are making it worse. She kissed a married man, I get that. But, what I don't get is why the fascination with this has grown to galaxy sized proportions. My God, I know no one out there hasn't done something that they regret. The only difference is that you didn't have it plastered all over the world in newspaper, magazines, TV, twitter, facebook - should I keep going? Kristen has gotten so much hatred, threats, etc and the director - hell, Universal just bought another movie (90 Church) for him to direct. Where is the justice in this. Basically, the man gets a slap on the wrist, barely any heat from the "scandal", but a 22 year old young woman is basically ostracized and told she should die. What the hell is with you people? Please, for all the is good in this world, leave her alone. Let them figure this out on their own, without the interference from strangers. She's been through enough.