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  • why deportation?? did i miss something? nothing good comes from cheating the government... good luck trying to cry your way out of this one teresa.. oh wait you'll squeal like a lil piggy, maybe they'll let u off with a lesser crime cuz they wont be able to take that squealingggggg..... ughhh :( smh.. poor kids, but then again, those kids are horrible just like their parents!!! BRATS!!!
  • well aint this a b***ch? miley u are such a stupid little girl.... this just sealed your fate kid....I WILL NOT be buying another product that has YOU involved with it.... and as of tomorrow? i'm heading to my sisters house to throw out every single hannah montana item that my 8 yr old niece owns..... YOU MORON!!!!!!! hopefully every other responisible parent follows in my footsteps, whether it was "fake" pot or "real" pot it DOES NOT MATTER!!!!! BETTER BEFRIEND LINDSEY LOHAN MILEY, SHE OBVIOUSLY IS YOUR ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!