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  • i loved her performance!!!!!
  • i am so excited for his movie. you have no idea. i love Salvador Dali. he is my favorite artist of all time, and to have him played by Rob is even greater!!!
  • oh robert what a wonderful fella!
  • thanks so much for picking me!!!! i am so honored!!!!!!
  • I would like to think i am one of the biggest fans because of this particular reason. I love music, i love it so much that i decided to change my college major completely to do and study music. I play piano and i sing and i write and write and write. when i first started reading the twilight saga i never put it down. i even remember being on my college campus sitting on the same bench from 230pm to 930pm where i read all of New Moon, not to mention i cried like a baby more than 5 times. people probably thought something was wrong with me, anyways back to the music haha. i was so obsessed i started to write songs, and not just one but dozens. i would find any situation from twilight and make a song about it. so not too long ago i recorded a video of me playing my favorite twilight original piece. and here it is. It's Called The Hold. i hope you enjoy it and see that i am truly an extremely devoted fan.