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  • I can't fathom how many people that actually watch the show be blinded by truth ... These people must have decided to start watching the show recently and not since season one .... Can anyone remember the table flip episode when Jacko and Chris took danielle staub side over there sister Dina & Caroline (loyal) they were both attacking Dina calling her liars so on so on .... WHY the double standards I also think its funny how bravo blocked the comments on blogs because the viewers or clearly seeing these delusional no class washed up women attack their once long time friend over jealousy and envy ... Melissa wrote a statement recently saying she tells like it is ... She is real... If she dose something wrong she owns up to it .... Umm at the reunion you denied communicating with Daniele you exchanged emails on Facebook And that was it you tried to portray an innocent character to viewers .... last night you said a completely different answer to the Danielle question ....I got mad and contacted your enemy might I add that she made a comment about Jacko and caro punching in the face and Caroline complains on her blog about Teresa bringing it up but it's ok for Melissa to make an example of it with why she contacted Daniele ??? Kathy lol I can't I just can't she has no reason to have an issue with Teresa she is bench warmer !!! Done with this show If they keep the manzos and wakiles