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  • Faith is the epitome of beauty (inside and out), elegance, style and grace. She is absolutely STUNNING!! :-)
  • Apparently her clit grew in the wrong area. lmao! Kelly should really get that belly button and or clit fixed. Its disgusting looking. GROSS!!!!
  • She has such a beautiful and healthy looking body/figure. I can appreciate a woman with curves. Especially when they are ALL in the right places. :-)
  • She is so damn nasty looking. YUCK!! Absolutely NO sex appeal. NONE AT ALL!!!
  • Another plastic woman in a bikini. WHO CARES?!? I do NOT see what all the fuss is about. She is NOT even attractive, not in the least. I'd like to know how she got the nickname, "Jwoww". Cause it needs to be changed to, "Bow woww". I really do NOT see what the fuss is all about. Someone PLEASE, PLEASE explain it to me.