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  • camille is definitely a loss. She is the only one that create drama and the one the thickens the plot. I can see why she is the most hated person of all with regards to the show history. I do hate her as well for being. Kyle did not say the words that Camille said she heard. She (camille) only heard those things because thats what she truly feels, that she is nothing without kelsey. I do understand why is is not coming back, if i am in her position i will probably leave as well, i will be so embarrass to come back. her claim to fame was kelsey and she doesn't have him anymore. The way she acts is very unreal and disgusting. the way she talks and walks has insecurity written all over it. The series also showed how Kelsey did not even want to be with her, case in point, when camille visited him backstage of his NY play, he was literally shooing her away but she kept insisting to be see him. I just hope that this will be a lesson for her to have her own identity to be true to herself and seek simple things that really makes a person content. The show clearly demonstrate the story of a girl from humble beginnings and got sucked into marriage with a popular person and in turn losing herself and individual pride.
  • this is sooooooooo funny!