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  • You are another Insperation to me, thank you for being who u are and sharing it with the world. i am so happy for you and your family. Happy Valentines Day and thank you thank you thank you again. God bless you guys. xoxo Liz
  • You are amazing girl, and if i had to make a wish now it would be to meet you. You seriously give me so much courage and strength in being myself as much as possible. and one more wish for you and lamar to have a wonderful, amazing, beautiful life together, forever :) Thank you so much for being YOU! And also having such a wonderful family :) Happy Valentines Day! Liz
  • you people dissing khloe are completely immature and rude. im sure everyone of you saying those rude things are all just losers who have nothing better to do than talk sh*t. she is beautiful and you guys are just jealous cause shes got a life and you dont!