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  • [quote=Mark]I personally think that Miley is right I'm not really a fan of either one, but i mean dear god people that are CRAZY about Twilight are starting to drive me up the wall! I don't want to watch the movie and the damn books aren't about vampires or werewolves. Edward would be a hideous looking corpse and would have to drink human blood. And i mean come on Jacob is NOT a werewolf is states so in the book he's a damn shapeshifter. Although i do agree with other comments Miley is just wanting to start sh*t unless the situation was brought upon her like in many instances in my life that was mostly likely the case.[/quote] is problem people like twilght or talk about ?
  • [quote=kaitlyng]Miley's right. I HATE Twilight, eeeeww. Why would you want to watch or marry vampires and warewolves? Its just a phase America is going through. Cant wait for it all to be over......[/quote]
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