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  • My favorite shopping companion is my Discover card!
  • Has anyone been contacted yet?
  • I love this movie so much! It really does go by too fast.One part that gave me chills was when the politician and his son were guests in Uncle Aquila's home and talking about what an embarrassment Marcus' father was. Marcus loses it and yells that he won't let them "piss on their family name." His anger scared me a little, even when I was feeling it too. To have those politicians who have never been to war decide that not only was Marcus' father not a good enough soldier, but that his death was nothing but embarrassing to them, I was seething. I understood how Marcus would risk everything to prove them wrong. It was so satisfying when Marcus and Esca got to return the Eagle and show them they succeeded. You know Marcus was thinking, "in your face!"
  • Haha, Esca was so fast it was funny.