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  • kourt you look amazing. ilove the dress , also the red jacket. i wish we had those kind of clothes when i was pregnant. keep it up. lorena smith
  • sorry i had to write again scott you must be so proud that little man looks just like youi he is looking to hold your finger as he has done since he was a tiny baby. mom kris i can almost like you now since you are acting civil towards scott. i have always been a scott and kourtney fan. scott iam trying to figure out how to do twitter. i will not ask my kids they will think i am nuts.love you all your old fan [83] l. smithcornwall ont. canada
  • kourtney you scott and mason look just amazing all dressed in the same colours.just the sweetest little family. l. smith
  • thanks Kris you done a great job on the show today . i think every mom likes to have there gals get married. scott is a great partner and an excellent dad. i am tired of everyone putting scott down .every relationship has its ups and downs. i hope kourt marries before mason goes to school. children can be very mean to children who have unwed parents.i have heard it in school yards.scott has tried but i am sure kourt loves scott but i hate to say this but kourt is stubborn.kris i am sure it will happen. love you all your oldest fan . love you scott and keep trying. lorena smith
  • scott kourtney and adorable mason all look great , just a lovely looking family. i am glad you are having a nice relaxing day. it is nice to see your arms around each other and the little one running ahead.you are great parents.love you guys.scott don,t forget your nite out with kourt once a week. your oldest fan god bless
  • scott and kourt are my favorite s, and i always stick up for scott.he is a great dresser and a good actor. Kriss looks fine as well. i am glad you have a pal scott. you guys look great. l.smith
  • kourtney looks great i also like her hair. it makes her look younger. her top is dainty, and her short skirts make her look like a teenager. love you . l smith
  • At last we see you two out alone ,holding hands, and smiling. scott this is great. i know you both love mason and are super great parents,but you need alone time too .you two are the greatest couple . i am your oldest fan [83] and you two are my favorites. scott you are the best actor in the kardashian show . love all 3 of you. l smith
  • love you all. scott and kourtney are my favorites. scott keep away from rob. he is trouble for you.lsmith
  • hi love your little family. you were dressed great for the occasion. scott even had a half smite there once . glad to see you out all together. don,t forget though scott that you and kourt nee time alone. it is very important for couples with children . you really need a nite out to yourselves .sorry to be a nag .love you stay calm kourt , you are going to a wedding.