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  • grrr just leave kiki alone sheeshhhh . let her live her life the way she wants it to be if it makes here happy then i dont see why people say soo much negative about her. grrrrrrr annoys the s$%& out of me. you are beautiful kim and no matter how much people criticize just know that you have sooooooo many grateful fans that love you the way you are .
  • naw so touching p.s i agree with kim youre adorable kim everything about you and your family are wonderful just wish some people could at least understand life aint easy being famous . everything you say , wear people always got remarks about them and 60% of em always be negative for someone like you as khloe says i must agree you are very strong in putting up with all the negativity others have to say about you . love you kimmie and your entire family cannot wait to see pictures of baby kimye !!