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  • You are Beautiful,have some Kim features.Keep me Posted In the Buzz.
  • I wish you well,you look like Kim,Keep me in the buzz.Later
  • I think you are a knockout,good luck,put me in your buzz.Keep me posted
  • I see You Better Here,I would like to compliment you on your features,nice Smile.You're Pretty.Keep me in the Buzz.Take Care
  • You do look somewhat like Kim K.
  • Hi'Rihanna,I Do not support violence against anyone,especially females,be careful when choosing a mate,everything that looks good to you is not good for you.Get someone Compatible with you,the more compatible you are the greater the relationship.You are a beautiful person,I wish you all the best.How can I get a opportunity to be in your song videos,also if you do movies I would like to be in some with you.Sincerely!!!!Take Care.
  • Hi' Lindsay, I would love to be in a movie with you,can you make that happen.
  • Hi Lindsay Lohan,You look very petite in you photos, I hope you get the relationship thing worked out.Take care