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  • I think that she has lovely hair. I think that she needs a shirt! I think that everyone is trying to get Rob to notice them...but not Kristen.
  • I think that she has lovely hair. You would want Robert to notice you, too!
  • I thought that she did NOT look like Alice at all! They are trying to make Alice look like a monster! Alice goes to high school in New Moon...give me a break! The vampires are supposed to be supernaturally beautiful! Her hair is supposed to be short and spikey, and she is supposed to be beautiful. She looks freaky and wrong. I hope that Chris Weitz doesn't mess up the characters that Catherine Hardwicke lovingly created. I am nervous now that I saw the pictures of Alice! He better not screw this up!!!!
  • She is the perfect Alice. Her face has such expression, and she is someone can be lovely and approachable looking at the same time.
  • He is gorgeous, but he looks like a young Johnny Depp in the movie. He looks better as a blonde.