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  • [quote=yeah]Good. He should drop that loser Kstew and get with classy Keira. If the trailer is rocking, don't go knocking Kstew Rpatz's getting his.[/quote] Well there are questions about the validity of the whole Robsten thing. It could be made up for the free press. But if Keira and Rob are together on screen I can guarantee that there will be 'other woman' rumors before the deal ink dries
  • [quote=SueQue] So if a person is mugged and beaten up, the criminal gets off scott free because the person can still go to work? The crime was still committed.[/quote] Yes the crime of theft. And generally the 'battery' is more than the single punch thrown in anger provoked by the victim that happened in this case.
  • [quote=Sanity]Let's remember that Demi assaulted/battered Alex. [/quote] Contrary to the way you try to paint it, this was not some 20 minute unprovoked beat down. It was one punch that caused a bruise that was done in a couple of days and nothing more. And there are reports that Alex verbally attacked Demi and provoked the anger that caused the punch. And it was perhaps not the first time Alex had gotten her twit on with her friend. Now don't get me wrong. Punching someone is not cool. But Demi has been open about the fact that she had been stressed out for weeks and snapped. Which is why she went to a rehab center where she could avoid the Paps and deal with things Alex on the other hand went on to perform and party as if nothing happened. And is trying to play a pity card to get some free press etc. Which is also not cool.
  • [quote=Angie Thomas]Is it just me or is he a dead ringer for Emma Watson now that she has cut her hair short?![/quote] No, her hair is much shorter. it is actually more of a traditional boys cut while he is the one with the girls 'page boy' looking cut. and he clearly got it cut, at least a trim. because normally you can't see his eye brows. and it's a much better length. opens up his eyes
  • There is also the issue of age discrimination for older actors. By SAG rules, a producer can't ask an actor his or her age aside from the issue of being 18 or over (if needed) or over 25 (for alcohol commercials). IMDB allows anyone to post info about actors and a lot of mistakes come up. If an erroneous age is listed they won't remove it unless you give proof of the error AND then they won't remove it but insist that they must put up the correct information. Only the actors should be able to post bio details. period.
  • so what if Angie turns her kid into a raging lesbo. it will be her problem to deal with. or not. maybe Angie and Brad aren't total homophobes. heck they need a homo kid to round out the rainbow of love
  • folks, comic-con is all about the movies, shows and characters. nothing should ever been taken any further than that. the 3 of them are co-workers and likely friends. but even Kristen laughs when the whole Robsten thing is brought up. they deny anything more than friendship, Kristen and Taylor deny anything but friendship. Rob and Taylor deny anything but friendship (yeah THAT is out there also). why do folks assume they are lying and what is on screen is also off screen. cause ya know., maybe it isn't
  • well and isn't he old enough to be her father
  • i suppose they could have her play cousin Hadley. especially if she still has the dark hair. however, all they really need to end the war is for the cast of True Blood to STFU. they were not the first vamp story or vamp show by a long shot and they aren't that great. there are a lot of fans that are pissed off at how Alan has ruined the quaint gothic humor of the books (think if Brian Fuller did a vamp show) with all the over the top sex and such. at least the Twilight movie stayed more or less on track with the book.