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  • lucas commented on a photo: Miley Cyrus’ Many Tattoos
    Miley Cyrus Tattooit is beautiful but horribly placed. You don’t put a tat where it is going to be covered up by clothes, especially cut in half. It just looks terrible like that.
  • lucas commented on a photo: The Best Dressed at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards: Kristen Stewart
    Best Dressed MTV Movie AwardsI thought this was another of the worst dressed photos I had been looking at. The dress pattern was too busy and the cut was too short. Also it’s never pretty to go with a low cut dress when you have screamingly obvious tan lines. Plus doing little to nothing with the hair (as always) doesn’t help.
  • lucas commented on a story: Zuma Rossdale Shows Up to Playground with Broken Arm After ‘Freak Accident’ (PHOTOS)
    Zuma Rossdale in a castYou assume they put him up there. Kids are curious and get into trouble no matter how hard you try. He could have climbed up himself.
  • lucas commented on a story: Kellan Lutz Talks ‘Sharing a Place’ with Ashley Greene in NYC (PHOTOS)
    Kellan Lutz Struts Stuff at DKNY Sunglass SoireeSharing an apartment is not the same as sharing a bed. Hell with both of them filming half the time they probably wouldn’t be ‘at home’ at the same time anyway.
  • lucas commented on a story: O-M-Glee! Lea Michele, Cory Monteith & Chris Colfer Not Leaving Show, Co-Creator Says
    chris colfer lea michele cory monteith not leaving gleeAnd here I thought I could stomach the show once the Oh So Annoying And Not Really That Talented Trio were gone.
  • lucas commented on a story: Report: Suri Cruise Joining ‘Rock of Ages’
    Suri Cruise 'Rock of Ages'So you are with her 24/7?? Just because she’s not smiling when Pazzies are shoving cameras in her face doesn’t mean she’s unhappy. She might just not like the cameras. As for the whole “do you think she’s too young”, who are we to say anything. We are NOT her parents. Let them raise her and get over it. As long as they are not starving her, hitting her, etc it is no one’s business
  • lucas commented on a story: Have Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth Separated?
    Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" - Arrivals“We need to see Carlisle and Esme in real life” Barf, barf and more barf. Just because two actors can make believe they are a couple doesn’t mean squat. Folks need to get some therapy and stop with confusing the characters with the actors. Just because there is Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice etc doesn’t mean the same is true for the actors (in fact it isn’t. for any of them including gay Robert and Lesbo Kristen)
  • lucas commented on a story: Robert Pattinson Debuts New ‘Do (PHOTOS)
    Robert Pattinson's New HaircutNo it isn’t part of the job. That’s what wigs are for. He cut it because it is crazy hot and he has no need for the “Edward” hair anymore. As for the love talk. Nope, not that either. Kristen is a friend who was dog sitting HIS dog because he was going to be on set 12-16 hours a day and the director and producer weren’t keen about pets on set since most of the movie is location shots (harding to keep a dog wrangled). They are NOT madly in love, etc. Go back and look at the photos. the Love is all in the media claiming they know what’s going on in the moment. Rob laughs at it and how they never get it right. They don’t try to deny the talk because they know the media won’t stop and the fans are generally willing to believe “a person close to the matter” is a real source and the tabs are journalists not the gossips they really are.
  • lucas commented on a story: Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus & Other Celebs Who Love to Ditch Their Pants (PHOTOS)
    Pants-Ditching Celebs: Lindsay LohanSo likely are most of them. Still dumb looking
  • lucas commented on a photo: Kristen Stewart
    Child Stars: Where Are They Now?No he’s not. They are not dating. Get over it. They are friends, period. No benefits (she’s a lesbian), just friends. Every piece of so called proof is a hack job. Every actual mouth on mouth kiss is actually a shot from the film. The rest are either moves like leaning close to talk because they are in a noisy place or Robert being Robert kissing her on the cheek, which he did to all the girls on set. Hell he and Taylor did more lip on lip kissing just joking around than he and Kristen have ever done on or off set. Summit encouraged them to not deny the lack of relationship saying that the tabloids wouldn’t believe them anyway and it was good press for the movies. Now they both hate having made that move and are thrilled to be working far apart from each other. Or rather Robert is working. Kristen is hanging out in LA doing whatever rather than running off to Canada to hang out with her ‘boyfriend’
  • lucas commented on a photo: Kristen Stewart
    Child Stars: Where Are They Now?The real Stewart would spell her own name correctly and Little Miss Ego wouldn’t apologize for her looks. Her ‘tude is that she does what she wants. Which is why she whined and put her foot down about dying her hair for Eclipse. It was easier to just give into her unprofessional behavior and put her in a wig than play “it’s in your contract” games
  • lucas commented on a photo: Kristen Stewart
    Child Stars: Where Are They Now?Not really that attractive or talented. Acted like a diva on set half the time. Oh and she is NOT dating Pattinson owing to the fact that she prefers Vag over Penis.
  • lucas commented on a story: Kristin Chenoweth Banned from ‘Glee’?
    Kristin Chenoweth banned from 'Glee'?So Zap2it is lying about what Kristin said. Doubt it. Fact is, he did get a storm of smack talk over too many casting stunts etc. So he probably is dropping that stuff
  • lucas commented on a story: There’s a New Star in the Family: Elle Fanning Steps Into the Spotlight
    celebrity siblingssomeone didn’t do his full research. Or he would know that Elle was also the star of Phoebe in Wonderland, which was before Somewhere and she had to carry that film as the central character. Did a dang good job of it as well.
  • lucas commented on a story: Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund’s Flirty Night Out?
    kristen stewart garrett hedlundThe Roxy is lying. They were paid off by Summit to claim Kristen wasn’t there but she totally was. Summit is using the media’s made up Rob and Kristen romance for the free press. But the cold hard fact is that Kristen is a lesbian who is too embarrassed to come out because she has been told it will ruin her career. And given her mediocre talent she doesn’t need any more risks.
  • lucas commented on a story: Giveaway Alert! Win a Vintage ‘Green Lantern’ T-Shirt!
    Green Lantern GiveawayWhere wouldn’t I wear it. It’s the Green Lantern.
  • lucas commented on a story: Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Returns with Director’s Cut (VIDEO)
    Rebecca-Black-Friday-Director's-Cut-061711Rebecca’s song is utter garbage and frankly she’s given a lot more credit than she deserves HOWEVER, on this one she is right. Charging for that particular video is just too much. It’s just greedy and would likely back fire on the label.
  • lucas commented on a story: Kristen Lands in London While Rob Films in Toronto: When Will They Reunite?
    Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson MTVI have very close sources that tell me that if they win this year Stewart is going to ‘thank’ the voters by announcing from on stage that she’s actually a lesbian and they were faking it whole time, just like they did on screen.
  • lucas commented on a story: Source: Ashley Greene & Jackson Rathbone Spotted Hooking Up
    Ashley Greene & Jackson Rathbone Dating?Lovely. TwiTwits are so determined to believe that all the on screens are also off screens. First it was the laughable Robert and total lesbo Kristen. Now it’s Jackson and Ashley. They are friends, they hug, they kiss each other with a peck on the lips, they played lovers on screen, so they MUST be dating and bonking in real life. Seriously get over it.