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  • although she looks great on the Elle cover - that recent picture of her at her fragrance launch was far too much! I think Katy is always a little controversial but her outfits are normally exciting and different - not revealing and (dare I say) trashy! But obviously she is back to her best and fun self on the Elle cover!
  • Wow LOVE this jacket I wish I could afford it! Rachel has always looked so pretty ever since she was on the OC. And she does it with sophistication and doesn't look trashy and show off too much skin!
  • In a way she does look AMAZING and fair play - if I had those legs I would want to show them off! But she still is only very young and needs to realise how influential she is on her younger fans. I agree with Jana, she started out as a cute disney girl with great style - and although she still looks glamorous, dressing in skimpy outfits and showing off your body is not the only (or best) way to look fashionable!
  • I think she looks great! Love the skirt, I heard she had been trying to tone up recently (not that she needed to) but she really looks amazing. She seems to have had a bit of a red carpet makeover recently too.