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  • Good Friends my ass, lol, yes they are very good friends after all that getting to know each other .... in touch with their personalities and feelings. But just look at those two, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo in love with each other. Honestly, they are like falling in love before our eyes ..... good for them! They made a very very attractive couple on a whole. Their glow together is like magical spell for fans who loves them ... it's just so positive and energetic to look at them together ... if they are together, michael is prolly long out of the picture.
  • Kristen is beautiful inside and out :) She's going to rock our world even more in her 20s ...
  • Bella & Edward such a perfect pair ... Kristen & Robert such a perfect pair ...
  • @haters and stupid ppl : STOP YOUR DRUG comments, she is not a druggie ... the pipe incidents proves nothing ...
  • this poll is stupid as Kristen and Dakota was there for work related issues ... stop trying to blame KS for everything .. she is a hard working actress. Stop trying to discredit her for no good reasons. Dakota is a smart young girl, she can make her own decisions. They were at the backstage, and did no drinking (of course) since they are underage.
  • @ PINK : obviously you don't have a personality to begin with for you to even stated the obvious fact. KS has a awesome personality, she' s down to earth, she doesn't dress herself up just so she can look like a typical hollywood starlet even though she can afford to, she doesn't pretend to be a goody two shoes for once, she just trying to be herself. She's a hardworking actress, her awkward and shy personality for me are her best features, as she excel herself from that infront of a camera (movies), but once back to her real life, she's just her again. She's adorable. Those who cannot see that she's such a beautiful person inward and outer, is obviously very blind for various reasons. She has grown up to be a very pretty young adult. And in her 20s, she's going to be so beautiful. She's very versatile. I see great things for her. She's going to do us proud. I do wish she stop smoking for her health and beauty (her lovely glowing pale skin) ........
  • @anon : obviously haters/jealous brat - she's a talented actor, she will not disappear .... she is going to rock us even more in the years to come ... in her 20s, she is going to transform to even more beautiful .... And she is not a drug teen .. I am sick and tired with all these negative comments on KS, she smokes .. yes... the "pipe" thing doesn't prove a damn thing, she is not taking drug. She always look like that, with her sleepy sexy bedroom eyes ... She's tired and look "HIGH" ... if you work as bloody hard as her, I am betting you look far worse than her, and prolly look like you are on your death bed!!! She worked very hard for this whole year, prolly she's very stress and less sleeping time, with no sleep, can make anyone look high and hyperactive..
  • Kristen rocks outerly and inwardly :D
  • She certainly looked the part and acts like it!
  • Her kind of "beauty" is a good looking wrapped candy but after you unwrapped it and tasted it, it left you with a sour bad after taste.