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  • This is extremely amusing;oP What is showing in this picture actually looks like one of those "stick-on bras" , and it just so happens to be out of place and exposed.
  • I know, this is just my 2 cents but here goes... She is a young woman now and I think everyone is so harsh on anyone who is a celebrity. She is comfortable in her own skin and is embracing it with not being afraid to dress as she choses. There is always going to be someone, saying something about fill in the blank. If it's not comments being made about Miley's attire, then it's going to be about "_________", and how he's/she's become "fat" since the last film or video. Yes, there are the prices to fame, but wow, cut them some slack. They are human beings, as we are.
  • I agree with the look of tiredness and weight loss, but also keep in mind that he just shot the film Water for Elephants. It appeared that he had to thin out even more for that film, but then again that's just my perception. I don't follow the celeb updates that closely. I just remember hearing many actors and actresses explaining what extremes they have to go through for different roles, in regards to their appearances. Can't wait for the Breaking Dawn! Having friendly debates as to where the 1st installment will end....
  • I agree with the previous posts....they both look amazing. This is one of the best photos of them thus far. She is beautiful in this shot, it is so refreshing to see her looking so much at ease and not unfomfortable as she did at the start of the Twilight saga.
  • The Eagle was such an amazing film that it is difficult to name just one favorite scene! Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell are phenomenal together. I am a bit biased to Channing as he is one of my favorite actors, but this is a definite MUST SEE!... It is a 3 way tie" 1) When Esca wakes Marcus to go retrieve the eagle. Marcus states that he thought he had lost him, refering to Esca "turning" on him. That is when I realized that Esca did what he had to in order to get "in" with the tribe and to locate the Eagle for Marcus. 2)The scene where Marcus tells Esca to leave him behind and Esca states that he will only go if he is granted his freedom. When Marcus releases him and he responds that he will not leave him, the true bond that these two men have forged shines. Then as you think Marcus is finished, it is Esca and the Ninth Legion that have come to Marcus' rescue. 3)As Marcus and Esca are marching their way through the village and into the presence of the politicians. Marcus pretty much "shows them" and proves that his family is not what they were labeled to be. He also stands up for Esca and you can see what their friendship means to the two.