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  • The past is the past and for those that have the need to keep bringing it up are either insecure themselves or just plain jealous. We should be inspired by Rob and Kristen who have followed their hearts despite what others might think, afterall, we are only on this planet for a short time and we all deserve to be happy. I do think they look miserable and fed up in the halloween photos. It would be nice for them to escape and be allowed to be themselves even if it is for just one day!
  • I would imagine that Rob and Kristen have learnt so much from this whole Twilight experience but when I saw the recent footage of Rob walking through LA airport with his headphones, reporters asking stupid questions and a million camera flashes it made me feel sick. I wouldn't be surprised if Rob and Kristen can't wait until this is over and then hopefully they will escape to try and live like people. They just want to be with each other and be left alone.
  • I love Kristen Stewart and although we are where we are by the choices we make and we all know the difference between right and wrong I do believe that life is one big lesson where you never stop learning. Not only has she broken the heart of the guy she truly loves I think that it's the embarrasment and humiliation that she is finding hard to cope with. I don't think anything will prepare her for the boos and other negativity from her fans when she confronts them face to face. Kristen comes across as an out there, wild type of woman but behind all of this she really isn't that at all. I think that now she has been stripped to the core we see the real Krisen for the first time. Starting to come out in public will be so hard for her because there has been so much hate thrown her way. Whatever happened to supporting the ones you love in bad times? As hard as it has been for Rob to make public appearances it's easy when you have support and Kristen should be given the same chance as Rob . We are all human and we all make mistakes. In the public eye and because of the industry Kristen is in it is so unfair to keep shaming her. She needs to be given a chance to learn from her mistakes and move ahead just like a REAL person. What has happened to that disgusting married Director?, Why hasn't he been treated the same way?. He is even worse because he is twice Kristen's age. Where are his morals? If Rob and Kristen reunite they will become a much better and stonger couple and I do believe that they will be in it for the 'long-haul'. Their Friend From Oz.
  • Rob and Kristen really do have a connecton on the screen and despite what has happened it is really sad to hear how the love for Kristen by some fans has been turned into instant hate, instead shouldn't it have been maybe words of disappointment but still supportive? I think that when the final movie comes out we will see that intense romance and fans will fall in love with Kristen again. Hopefully by then Rob and Kristen will reconnect and be a better and stronger couple.
  • Rob and Kristen really compliment each other when they are together and I am sure that when they reunite they will be a better and stronger couple. It may take a little time but true love always wins.
  • Rob and Kristen make a great team and despite what has happened they will come out a better and stronger couple. Things in life happen for a reason and now Kristen has been stripped to the core with nothing left except her complete love for Rob. I wish he would scoop her up in his arms and protect her from all of the negative media and fan B.S. When the last Breaking Dawn movie comes out., fans will do a backflip and love them even more.
  • I have never read so much crap. I don't think that half of you can even think let alone write something intelligent. The one thing I do agree with is that Rob and Kristen are in for the long haul.
  • Rupert Sanders wear his ring, Liberty Ross wears a cross, how's that for making a statement. If the pair of them team up they will be out to destroy Kristen and the beauty of Twilight forever. It's time for fans to love and support Kristen When Rob and Kristen reunite he will protect her from all of the media and fan B.S.
  • I'm just wondering if most of the comments I read are made by humans or robots. Kristen and Rob are REAL people trying to live in a REAl life. The fairytale off screen has not been played the way the world wants. Things happen for a reason and life is one big lesson where you never stop learning. It's only now that Rob, beyond all of the media and fan B.S.will see the real Kristen for the first time. She has been stripped to the core with nothing left. She loves him completely and he will always love her. She may have failed him as his girlfriend but she won't fail him as his wife.
  • On screen the romance was beautiful and intense and that's how the fans wanted it played off screen as well. Unfortunately this is REAL LIFE and not a fairytale. Rob and Kristen are REAL PEOPLE and when things are thrown into our path they are put there for a reason as cruel as they might seem. Rob has been left broken hearted and questioning the love of his life whilst Kristen has been stripped to the core with absoutely nothing left. But for the first time Rob can see the real Kristen and for the first time Kristen can now admit her true feelings for Rob. She loves him completely and Rob will always love her. The man that has been left to slink away is Rupert Saunders who is nothing but a poor excuse of a man. Not only as he failed in his committment to his wife he has also abused the priviledge of being a Director who has a duty of care for his cast members. Things happen for a reason and life is one big lesson where you never stop learning. Kristen may have failed as Robs girlfriend but she won't fail him as his wife. I have never been so random in all of my life but I needed to write this. Rob and Kristen, you have a true friend in Australia. I can only wish that somehow either of you get the chance to read this.