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  • bonita...ok ,,,keep in mind shes not spanish! but she has a body like a latina!
  • shes cute- but Yuck seeing anyone ass crack is disgusting! yes i agree w/ everyone else get larger better cut bottom! i see why she resist it wld make bottom look bigger but lets face is BIG! cld be cut higher , yet it can betailored on the sides! even if yr cheeks hag out a bit at least their is more coverage in the middle and higher up! she has the $$$ she can buy bigger and have it tailored for her!
  • nice too see kourtney smiling, she always looks so stern and pissed. then again if i had to put up w/ a putz like scott - who has openly partied and flirted w/ others women...i guess i'd have that look that way too......kourtney work on yr self esteem! have another kid w/ him if thats what you want then bounce, its only a matter of time of when he does! only the whole reality show hooplah keeps him around. being a dad is a fad- he doesnt take seriously! you are already a single mother!
  • saw the magazine- wow was surprised shes more endowed than i thought! luckily she photographs well when clothed - shes very pretty but so self involved- soak it up for now but then find a nice guy, career and settle already looks like a silly caricature of herself! nicole richie has moved on matured , had children has a trade. Poor paris is still posing w/ chiuhuahuas (sp?)its SAD!!! dressed in pink...her and the dogs! ps. kim- stop messing w/ your face! looks like cheek implants/ fillers these women in hollywood have a twisted version of what looks attractive! since all the women over 40-50 seemed to dress as 20 yr olds and have the whole trout mouth, wrinkless forehead and their forehead are higher as the bleach and extensions have dissapated their hairline!emaciated from cookie/babyfood/cleanse diets& pilated/yoga to death by trainers. Not 20yrs old! no trainnig, plastic surgery can make you compete w/ one ...ask even her hubby looks around! SAd skinny, bigheaded, fried hair, unaturally big super white teeth (caps)in stretched faces- get out kim while you can!
  • YOU GO EVA! has the cojones to move on, isnt putting up w/ it! just like tiger wood's ex- shes gonna keep on truckin god knows gyweneth and jen anniston both took forever to move on from when brad pitt broke up w/ them! and went on about it forever! Plkease eva, get over it and keep yr mouth shut! dont come off like a whiner or as sad as jessica who has to announce that shes engaged less than a week, from her ex's egagement announcement -at least nick has dated vanessa for yrs! jessica had dated her guy 5 mths! hes on her payroll! SAD!!!she had the nerve to gripe she made him famous - we forget ourselves her was in famous boy band - brought her into the loop...guess shes still believes the hype her dad feeds her...SAD!
  • LINDSAY MOVE ON!! i feel bad for lindsay i know many dont but imagine being the sole provider for your family as of of 8yrs old! Thats a lot of pressure, on a child. When these two slime buckets divorced they were fighting over "HER" money - not their own! when was the last time these two have worked - other than being her pseudo mgr.!Now thats shes down, rather than support her emotionally- they trying to make a buck talking about her! Dina even got het 15b yr old Ali implants- $ wasted as Ali is butt faced - and as interesting as bristol p.-so cld never reach accend to lindsay what you will lindsay attractive- nds to slow down -lifestyle is starting to age her!